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Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself and say Thanks for having a site such as this. My connection to lc is that my brother, Robert passed away from lc a little over 2 years ago at the age of 33. Such a devastating thing to happen to our family and friends because he was a NON-smoker & lead a very active healthy lifestyle and was a Great person. I know there are so many stories (unfortuntately)like mine. This is a nice place to share those stories and also know that there is hope w/all the research that LUNGevity Foundation is funding to one day find a cure for this horrible disease.

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Hi, Sonja, and welcome to the LCSC! Yes, your story is all too familiar to those of us battling lung cancer or helping to care for someone who is. It's wonderful that you're committed to helping in some way. There's much to be done, not just funding research, but also increasing public awareness and knowledge, which is a number of years out of date and causes many of us all sorts of problems.

I imagine most of the people who bounce in and out of here throughout the day (and make a special point of welcoming new members) are sawing logs about now. It's still your yesterday out here in the middle of the Pacific, but I'll be turning in too very soon so I can get up early enough to have my one cup of coffee for the day and still have the required 4-hour fast before my 9:30 CT scan. :wink:

My best regards and Aloha,


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Thanks for the Welcome's from everyone (Ned,Trish, Judy, & Barbara). I wish that I had the LCSC 2 years ago when I was going thru everything with my brother. It's such a hard & difficult time, especially because no one understands what it's all about unless they've gone thru it themselves. Whether they are surviving w/lc or have cared or loved someone with lc.

And for the record, I agree, whether a smoker or not, NO ONE deserves this horrible disease. My only point w/stating that my brother was a Non-smoker, was just to point out that hearing a "lung cancer" diagnosis was a shock! Each year as I organize 5k runs/walks to raise $$ and awareness for lc research, I come across more & more people that have the same stories. It's a great experience though to meet all these wonderful, Inspiring people such as you Ned. My thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you & your families.

Keep Strong & Positive!!! :)

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Hi Shelley, Thanks for your kind words. I'm sorry to hear your Mother was effected by lc too, it's so hard when such special people can get such horrible diseases. It's just not the way you think or hope things should turn out.

I will continue to do what I can to help to raise awareness and funding!

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Hello Sonja and welcome

I am so sorry about your brother. I can completely relate as I lost my best friend, a non smoker his entire life and a guy who lived such a healthy life style, to LC in December 2005. Like you, this is what brought me to this site. It is a wonderful source of support and information and I also wish I had found it sooner than I did, but am glad to be a small part of it now.

Again, I am so sorry about your loss but very happy you have joined us,


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