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numbness in legs, what is up with that??


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I'm having some leg, feet issues that are beginning to become tough to ignore.

After all my treatment i had some neuropathy in my fingers and feet. Nothing major but enough to know that I had it. However in the last month I have noticed my feet would hurt, then I noticed they would itch and tingle some. Other days they would be fine but more and more frequently they would itch and sometimes feel like they were asleep. The last week I've notice the pricking, tingling feeling like my leg and especially my foot is asleep. Happens to both but mainly my left side. This morning when I work up my leg was "asleep" and now at work it's still asleep. It never seemed to last this long before, it's hard to walk on and feels very uncomfortable.

Is this more neuropathy? Why would it be getting worse? Could it be a symptom of something else? I have had any treatment for aabout 5 years so it seems odd that now during the last 3 -4 months I'm having so many problems. The only thing I can remotely think of that has changed is my working more. In my full time I sit alot but my other two part time jobs I stand. I worked at Target the other day, started at 7:00 and worked till 12:00 noon (you have to stand the whole time) then i drove right to the bar where I worked till 9:00pm and in a bar you are on your feet all the time.. so I'm not sure what's going on.

I know I should go have it checked and I may break down and do that eventually but just wondered if those of you with neroupathy had those symptoms.. on line they decribe the symptoms as just numbness and mild tingling.

Thanks everyone for all your information...

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Probably a good idea to get it checked out. I do not have cancer but have had issues with neuropathy brought on by being hypothyroid. Many people have issues with neuropathy when they have low b12 or when their body does not absorb the b12. I don't know if this is the same for cancer related neuropthy but trying some b12 supplements would not hurt (your body excretes any additional b12 it does not need). I take 2500 MG Sublingual B12 which has really helped me.

Good Luck! Keep us posted.


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