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Chest redness

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Jim had a bone scan on 6/14, woke up the next am with the right side of his chest bright red, warm to touch, tender. Dr. wasn't sure what it was from, didn't think it was from injection for bone scan, it would have spread all over if a reaction. It has now been 11 days and the brightness has not dimed at all. He has been complaining of pain for a few months along his lower ribs, and there is now an almost dark purple path through the redness along the rib line where he has had pain. The bone scan showed no mets to ribs. Someone has suggested cellulitis. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or any experiences with it? We go back to dr. tomorrow for a follow up. Could it be an infection of some kind? I also heard about a form of breast cancer that almost fit his symptoms to a tee, inflamatory breast cancer. I will ask dr. about this tomorrow also. He did check Jim for lumps in his breast.

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