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I'm Getting Admitted!


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I got the word today via email from the secretary to the committee - the full committee on character and fitness for the 1st Department, Appellate Division has voted to admit me to the New York State Bar. Wow. Putting aside the *two year delay* I've waited since graduating law school, collecting paperwork and getting sick, I can't help but think back to when I was 17 and was being wrongly prosecuted. I made my decision to become a criminal defense lawyer from the bunk in my cell. That was 1996. Plenty of people told me I couldn't do it. My overzealous prosecutor was certain I wouldn't even be able to gain admission to law school after my conviction.

I hate using myself as an example, but if a kid screws up, he may not have blown his chance to become a lawyer. I did it.

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FANTASTIC! :D:D:D I am soooooo thrilled to hear your good news! I believed that this would be and it is!!! Your words have given me the music to do the 'Happy Dance' to. I am going to share your words with my high school students in the fall. God Bless you Aaron. Keep on keeping on!


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