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Trying to make lemonade...


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Just a quick update from my last post when I was freaking out bc all of topics I could think of for upcoming school projects were around death, patient advocacy, etc-stuff that added up to a lifetime of pain.

Instead of focusing on that in my speeches I did one on "Why you shouldn't ask a person "Did they smoke?" when you find out that they or their loved one has LC.

My second speech yesterday was to persuade people to become organ donors, full of personalization bc of my son Liam and my mama. I almost cried, but got through it and I recevied a ton of good feedback.

Also, I am throwing a 4th of July party on Saturday, in my mama's honor. It won't be the same without her here. It won't be perfect in the details like hers were, but I am still doing it.

I am trying to make lemonade out of all of these lemons and some days it is hard, but I am trying.

I promise I'll be more active in the coming weeks. Ths semester is over as of tomorrow. Love you all and you are always on my mind.

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I was asked to do a 20-30 minute presentation for a psychology teaching job on Monday and was freaking out. After reading your post, my little demo is nothing compared to the courage and fortitude it took you to get up there with all of those raw emotions and deliver two very important speeches! Good for you and thanks for knocking my anxiety down a peg! I'm sure your July 4th party will be terrific and you'll make your mom proud! Hopefully someone in the class will take your speeches to heart and make a difference elsewhere!


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