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My sister asked that I give everyone this website

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I hope that this is not offensive to anyone, but My sister swears that she is doing well because of this prayer and her faith, and I honestly believe she is right. So please accept or ignore this website in the intention it was given. She just wants everyone to get well and feel better and she truly believes this will work.

http://www.catholictradition.org/Saints ... saints.htm

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Please tell your sister thank you for thinking of me/us.

I pray a LOT! With this cancer thingy, I'm not exactly sure what I should be praying for though, I'll admit!

My uncle says for me to pray that "God's Will be done", but..... (me and my "but's!), if it happens that the Lord wants my husband with him soon, I refuse to pray that, so the Lord and I are at odds at the moment! :shock::)

I know he's always listening to me though--in fact, sometimes I bet he puts ear muffs on when I get on a praying rampage!!!

Thanks to your sister, from me!


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