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Bone Progression Only?


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Has anyone had progression in bones only? What happened as far as treatment? New Chemo? Had a PET today and apparently there's a new lesion in my femur :( . They "think" everything else looked good, but the report wasn't posted in the computer yet, so I'm not positive about that. I know I'm getting the femur radiated - just wondering if I'm not going to be on the Avastin only plan anymore.

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Hey Raney,

When I progressed on Tarceva, it was strictly bones. Don't sweat it too hard, bone mets can just cause pain but you can live with them for a long time. They're manageable. Better in your bone than mets to a vital organ, in my opinion. But yeah, bones are where my cancer wants to go. Have you taken the drug, Zometa? its called a "biophosphate" and is supposed to strengthen bones for people with bone mets.

all my best,


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Bone mets: my mother has breast cancer that has progressed to bones after 5 years. She had radiation and is on Aredia and Femara. Recent scans showed that the two 'ole" spots were healed but there was something new on one vertebrae. The doctors looked at that bone carefully and decided that it is cancer probably but it seems like it is calcifying already so they decided to keep her on the current treatment and check in three months.

My guess would be that the doctors could be really split on what to do if there is just some minor progression.

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I too had progression only in my bones. Mine was in my middle spine and pelvic bone (ischium/butt bone).

Both mets were treated with 10 days radiation and then I took Avastin every 3 weeks, Zometa every 6 weeks, and Tarceva daily. The mets were treated starting January 2006 and disappeared within 6 weeks. Today it has been 18 months and I am still ned and feeling good!

Hang in there,


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Hi, Raney:

We never like to hear about mets, but you've handled bone mets before, and they (plus brain mets) seem to be a rather common and very treatable development for those of us in the Adeno Club. I haven't had either one "yet," but since I expect to be living with adeno for a good long while, I'll very likely get one or both sometime in the future. If and when it happens, I plan to take it in stride just as you have.

The best to you and a big Aloha,


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Yup, Tony had two mets to the bones at one point. No rads, just systemic chemo and zometa. His never bothered him and they are gone now. I notice you have been on Zometa already, so maybe they will switch up your chemo. With no other apparent growth, maybe they will just nuke the tumor and give you more time on your current therapy.

The way cancer grows or responds continues to be a complete mystery to us. We have times where there is significant shrinkage in some tumors while others grow wildly at the same time, on the same damn chemo. Go figure...

Let us know the results of the next tests and where the doc wants to go from there.

Hang in there!


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Mom mom has been on Tarceva for a few months now and her last PET showed everything had cleared with the exception of some low activity in the spine. The onc. added monthly Zometa infusions so we are really hoping that takes care of the bone issues. Good luck!

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