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Stage IIB/Mets Question


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My mom had her follow up scan this past Monday, still waiting for results.

I had a question tho ... is seems almost typical that someone Stage IIIB ends up with mets somewhere. Is that true? I just wonder if she should be having other follow up tests, even tho shes not really symptomatic.

Are there any members here that have been dx Stage IIIB that did not have it show up somewhere else at some point?

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I am sure that there are others here and I am sure they will pop in here, but Connie B comes to mind as IIIB and she was treated 11 years ago.

I try to remember that statistics can be scary, but NO two stories are alike when treating LC. There is hope for each and every one of us no matter what the stage!


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That is true, Connie was IIIB. She was diagnosed way before me and I'll be 10 years this year. Sorry no one ever told me what stage I was but I had to have chemo and daily radiation before they would do surgery.

Donna G

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