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Absent without hall pass


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Jeesh Muriel, that's a long time to spend in the ER for crying out loud.

I'm thinking that Ry shouldn't fine you for being AWOL but I do think you deserve a fine for getting some strange malady that I had to google.

Seriously, am glad you are back with us and that all is okay.

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So sorry that you had to "google" it, Debi. So did I when I got home. We went to the hospital that "guarentees (sp?) that you'll be seen within 60 min. Amazingly, that did happen. However, after CT scans, etc. it was another 12 hours before being admitted. Con left at 2 am, after we got the scan results and Dx. I'm still enjoying :roll: my "soft" diet.

BTW, had we gone to Chicago last weekend, we would have planned to return on Monday. So I would have spent a week at Northwestern Memorial - a better hospsital than we have here.


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That's the first thing I thought of - that if you had gone to Chicago, it would have happened then!!

Oh well, everything happens for a reason I suppose- even though the hospital might have been better up north, you would have had that long drive back looming in front of you.

Either way, glad that you are out of the woods. And hey, we started off Googling together, no reason to stop now. :wink:

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Hi Muriel

I am glad you are feeling better. My mom had that and thank G-d only had one attack. She had to stay away from nuts and anything with seeds even popcorn that she loved.

Glad you are on the mend.


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