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Two years ago today...


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On July 1, 2005 I had my surgery for an upper right lobectomy, stage IIIA. I was so scared because I was told by my surgeon that the first thing he was going to do was to check my lymph nodes and if they were positive for cancer he would close me back up and I would not have the surgery. By the Grace of God my lymph nodes were not cancerous and I had the surgery. Twenty lymph nodes, one rib bone, one upper right lobe, clean margins, several scans, blood work and xrays I show no evidence of cancer. I am so grateful to God and to all of you who encouraged me and gave me support during that initial time when I was soooo weak with fear. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!


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I LOVE hearing you continue to do so well, Carol. It doesn't seem that long ago.....do ya think? Congrats ~ and just keep doing whatever you're doing. Be sure to enjoy every day (and your summer vacation :wink: )!!!



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Oh Carol, CONGRATULATIONS! HAPPY HAPPY 2 YEARS my FRIEND! You've worked through some very tough times during your journey, as we all have. You've come a long ways!!!! :D:D:D:wink::wink:

I can remember when you came to LCSC, and how scared you were. :((((Carol))) I also remember how you have always given back to those who also needed support and comfort. Your such a DELIGHTFUL PERSON and SO KIND AND CARING and a WONDERFUL FRIEND! :wink:

Keep on keepin on! (((((CAROL))))))

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