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Today would have been Mom and Dad's 30th wedding anniversary. I miss being able to share that with them, and it's weird that now there is another wedding anniversary for my Dad.

But this one is theirs... And I am smiling today, thinking of them on a boat in the middle of the Mississippi--Dad in his 7 dwarves shirt (it really did look dressy), and Mom in her bright bell-bottomy pants and dress shirt, getting married their way and starting a life together that was always uniquely theirs and uniquely special.

Andy and I got married two days before their anniversary and I was really looking forward to sharing that as a special connection (not to mention the fact that it made remembering the day so much easier ;)). We still do share it, but I wish we could all the way share it.

I also always wanted to get Mom and Dad a cruise to Alaska for their anniversary someday. I guess I just didn't get rich fast enough (ha!). I think I will always wish that I had gotten to do that.

Anyway... just thinking about that today, and wanted to share it.

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You know, Val, as I was reading that I thought...why don't you save for a cruise for you and Andy some day?? (And, btw, happy anniversary a couple days late!!!) Maybe not Alaska if it's not your cup of tea...but I imagine it would feel good to take her along in your heart when you do "get rich" enough to go!

Just a thought of my own...Wishing your parents a happy anniversary, too...cause it always WILL be theirs! (And I can just picture the wedding scene...reminds me of Mom's wedding pictures except hers was a light blue pantsuit! :wink: )

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We can always find regrets if we are looking hard enough. Mom wanted to take the kids on a Disney Cruise, but I thought we'd have plenty of summers for that. By the time I was able to go, she wasn't. We can beat ourselves up over it, or remember all the times we DID share with them. We're thinking of taking a cruise next year, but I don't know if I could do it. Tay may be a bit old for Disney then, but I know Mom always wanted us to go.

Glad you shared their anniversary with us. The image you drew for us made me smile.


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I sometimes think it's so wrong to smile or feel happy when thinking of a loved one. But I can't seem to help the way I feel. I am glad that you find peace and joy when you think of your loved ones.They have not left us, only gone into the next room,it's a lovely thought. You can only feel like this in your own way and in your own time. We are lucky we can do this. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Take care, Love Sonia UK xxxxxx

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Val, I loved your description of your parents in the '70's - I can picture it, right down to the slightly blurry 70's photo. Your post brought me some joy today, thank you. It sounds like your parents had a good life together, and that is truly a wonderful thing...

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