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shakes and aches...

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**sigh**... POP had his 4 th round of Chemo last tues... its really wiped him out. hes reeeeal shaky walkin and he is hurtin in the legs from the knee down...I guess im just frustrated.... I know the Chemo is working I have the CT report... I just worry he wont build back up. Ohhh did I mention he CRABBY wow I hate leavin my kids unregulated around him fro any length of time...he gets really irritated really fast

thanks for lettin me complain...

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My mom had leg shakes and pain after her 4th round of chemo. Asked her Doctor and he sid it could be from the platinum in the chemo. Within weeks of being off chemo her legs went back to normal.

I believe carbo is a platinum based chemo right? Mom had cisplatin.

Just a thought, prayers to you and your family,


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Yes----working to keep them hydrated seems like a full-time job. Is your dad onan steroids? They made my mom crabby (and hungry!). My kids were od enough to understand that Grandma had meds that made her crabby, and they gave her some space.

Hope things get better soon!

:) Kelly

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