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Baby passes


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Hi everyone,

I need a rattle and diaper pass :) I will be on and off, but may not moderate as closely these next few weeks so if anyone sees anything, please PM me or e-mail me as I will always check my e-mail a few times a day.

The babies are so cute :) Just a lot lot lot of work ;) Lack of sleep makes me do weird things like forget to put water in the bottle warmer in the middle of the night and think it is broken; wear shorts with tickets still on it; took my dinner out and started to eat without realizing I forgot to microwave it.

Elizabeth is having some jaundice issues and I take her for blood work daily, they just delivered a lighting bed for home and Jacob had an ultrasound today for an undescended testicle. Very common things :)

Thinking of you all and still paranoid as usual. Starting to freak out about a breast MRI in Sept and abdominal ct for that lipoma in Oct ;)

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Just to let you know that I am thinking of you!! Try to stay focus, one thing at a time and you will be fine.

Don't even think about Oct, that is worlds away right now, just focus on your children. Seems strange saying that. LOVE IT!!!

Maryanne :wink:

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don't try to reinvent the wheel.

I was just telling my 23 year old neice who "wants a baby, I'm ready for a baby . . ." that when I was in the hospital with Ben (at the age of 29) I was hysterical because I couldn't nurse right. Kept saying "But I have a college degree!"

How can something SO tiny be so much work??? and you have it double!!!

So end of my speech. Take it easy. Watch the baby stories in the wee hours when they are awake.


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