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117 weeks & counting.....


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Hi All,

I haven't written in a while, but thought I would just post that my latest scan still shows everything is stable. My onc told me that is has been 117 weeks for me on Tarceva, that kinda blew me away. I will never know what I have done to deserve this kind of miracle, but I hope it continues. New side effects keep occuring, but I almost welcome them now, to me it's a sign that it's still working.

I read of so many who don't have this success, my heart drops everytime I read that sort of news. I wish it worked this well for everybody.

Other than stressing out over scans (it never gets any easier) I have the ominous task of moving house. Due to events out of my control, I have to move and in turn have to give up one of my dogs. It has been a heartbreaking thought, but one I must acknowledge as reality. I have 3 dogs and because this house is owned by my parents it has never been a problem. As it is I know I will have to lie about having 2 dogs, I have no chance of finding a place that will allow 3 of them. I will be calling on my anti depressants to work overtime I'm sure.

So, tonight I will have a beer and contemplate making plans for the future which I have never allowed myself to do. Dreams may become reality.

To everyone out there, I think of many of you on a daily basis. I may not say a lot, but you are in my thoughts.


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Hi Sharon,

Thanks for the good news. I am thrilled that the Tarceva is working for you!!

Sorry about your move but I hope it will come out to be a positive one. New beginnings...

So so sorry you have to give up one of your doggies. But I know you will find a good home for him or her.

Good Luck

Maryanne :wink:

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Great news about your 117 weeks :lol::lol::lol: !!!! So sorry about your dogs :? ! Wish I were closer......Teddy would probably LOVE a playmate or two :wink: ! Here's to another 117 weeks and then another and another and another. I can't fit all the 'others' on here! You get the idea, right???


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Great news regarding the Tarceva, Sharon! I hope it continues to work for you for many, many years, months and weeks to come! Sorry to hear about losing one of your furbabies :(. I hope you're able to find a good home.

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