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Severe COUGH


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My Dad has severe dry cough these two days especially starting from evening till sunrise that he was sleepless for these two days......you know, when a person could not get into sleep, his immune system will not be good. What should I do?

This Friday, he will see the doctor, I plan to set some questions for asking the doctor as follows :

1) Why he has such severe dry cough? What happen on my Dad? What causes him having sever cough? Pneumonia?

2) How do stop that cough? How can make him sleep (because he could not fall into sleep because of the dry cough)? Medicine or what?

3) Are X-ray & CT Scan needed?

What questions you suggest me to ask? What actions you suggest me to do for my Dad? Actually, he always has problems of getting into sleep before diagnosis. Fortunately that he could get into sleep bcoz of the chemo fatigue in past few months.

Friday visit is the first time seeing doctor after all treatments completed. No X-ray or any other tests/scans have been done so far.

Thank you for your advice.

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Hi Berisa,

Maybe ask the doctor if a humidifier would help, or hot shower to breathe? He may have trouble bringing up mucus, so make sure he is drinking lots of water. There's something to help with that, an over the counter called guafesin (?) which is an expectorant, ask your doctor about it. There's also something here sold over the counter good for cough in general when hard to sleep, called chloroseptic spray, which numbs the throat's tickle spots and helps quiet the coughs.

Also, perhaps sleeping in a semi-upright position might help some. I know it did help me.




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My mom had a severe cough (they have gotten it pretty much under control). She had a CT scan and chest xray to make sure there wasn't cancer or pneumonia causing the cough. It was impossible for her to sleep (like your dad, my mom never slept well before her diagnosis). Her doctor prescribed a pill called Teslon Pearls. It really helped get her cough under control. Good luck! I hope your dad is feeling better soon.

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Guest Piermarie

Not sure if this would help your dad's cough or not but my mother is taking Tylenol #3's (with codeine) and they work great on controlling her coughing. Apparently, it's not the tylenol but the codeine that helps stop the coughing.

I would just try different things and see what works the best....

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Dear all, I am so grateful for all your suggestions and advices. Really appreciate !!! :D You all like a dictionary. :)

I have listed out all questions and all medicine you all suggested. I will print it out for my mom to ask the doctor tomorrow.

Thank you again.!

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