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Skating For DCA research funding


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Some of us know that DCA is an encouraging drug in canada but not so much in USA due to dosing concerns specifically. Some news from Canada about fundraising for DCA research up there.

News for Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Skate for hope

Written by Michael Longley

A Vancouver man is continuing his cross-country rollerblading trek for a good cause.

27-year-old Richard Ralph passed through Owen Sound last night on his "Skate for Hope" mission to raise 300-thousand dollars for cancer research.

Ralph says he was inspired to do this when a friend was diagnosed with throat and lung cancer.

Ralph has so far raised about 16-thousand dollars and aims to cover 100kms of land a day.

Funds raised online go to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation.

Cash donations go to the University of Alberta's Cancer Research Program.

Ralph says research in Alberta on a drug called DCA is very promising.

He says the drug has proven effects on lung cancer, breast cancer and brain tumors, but because it's inexpensive, drug companies don't want to invest in it.

Ralph's quest began May 5th at St. John's Newfoundland and he expects to wrap up the tour in Vancouver in early September.

Ralph's next stops are the Tobermory Ferry today (July 4th), then it's on to Sudbury.

Boston Pizzas across the country have been providing dinners and sometimes even financial donations to the cause.

Ralph is departing at today, from Owen Sound's Boston Pizza.

Donations can be made at www.seetheend.com.

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