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Little Victories


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One of the many blessings I was given in my Mom was the fact that she was an amazing seamstress. She made prom dresses for me that were very stylish and cool, costumes for the kids that were amazing. I've been a spoiled brat, b/c anytime ANYTHING needed to be sewn it was, "Let's take this to Mom / Grandma."

So, my "baby" is now a Webelos scout...time moves so quickly. I promised him we'd have his new tan shirt and patches all ready to go for the 4th of July parade. The night of July 3rd it hit me hard---no Grandma to sew on the patches. I inherited Mom's old sewing machine, and I was determined to get this done,so I went to work. Now, the last time I sat down at a sewing machine was in 1986, in Single Survival class in high school, and it wasn't pretty. I told you I was spoiled.

As I went to the store to buy thread, I had tears in my eyes once again. I fought with the sewing machine and cursed the @#%$&*! who came up with the 38 evil steps required just to thread the bleeping machine.

All I could think was, "This would be so much easier if Mom were still here!" I realized that most of my life would be so much easier if Mom were still here. Unfortunately, she isn't, but sometimes shirts need patches sewn on, or other things need to be done. I couldn't disappoint my son.

Sewing with tears in my eyes (not the recommended method) and through my frustration, I got all 6 patches on--even the ones on the sleeves! It didn't look as perfect as it would have with Mom's work, but it looked pretty darn good. He looked great as he marched in the parade, and she would have been so proud....of both of us, I think.

Anyway, it wasn't a really big victory, but I think the little ones add up as well.

:) Kelly

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I'm sitting here, honestly, bawling after reading that because I SO GET IT! It's like every single thing in the world depends on getting those stinking patches sewn on...and getting them RIGHT!

I know your Mom's SO proud of you for making it through, and for not sewing your fingers onto the cloth through the tears!

And I'm betting your son was the most handsome Webelos scout out there! :wink:

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I know your Mom was so very proud of you and your determination to succeed. I'm sure she was also proud of that little guy, marching proudly in the parade.

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Tears in my eyes reading your post...it made me smile and cry. You getting the patches on, and the image of your son marching in the parade and that tugging at your heart, wishing that your mom could be there to see it. How many times have I experienced that in the last year, I can't count.

Good girl, Mom would be proud! :D

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