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new LC drugs in the pipeline


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John, I have some concern about the content of that website. It has not been updated since March, 2003. It says Iressa is not yet an approved drug, and seems to confuse cancer stage with study phase in the far right column. Just a word of caution to verify what you read on the 'Net with other sources.

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I agree it is a little outdated. The right hand column is just stating the phase of the trial and the type of lung cancer it is being tested on, I didn't notice any mention of stage of cancer. The one that mentions brain mets is a radiosensitizer for brain mets from NSCLC.


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Cary, I thought they confused cancer stage with phase of trial because in some instances, Phase I, II & III are mentioned. A drug cannot be in all those phases for the same indication concurrently. Drugs have to "pass" phase I before going on to later phase studies, although phase II and III are sometimes combined. Another possibility is that the trials are actually for different indications.

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