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Mom's chemo appt..funny =)

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A funny here: At her Thursday appointment Mom told me that she hoped the 2nd bag (gemzar) was almost done because she had to pee. So, the nurse comes over & we asked how much longer it would be. The nurse said about 10 minutes. So I explained that Mom had to use the restroom....the nurse said no problem, we could just help Mom walk over with the IV. She'd help her roll it over to the private rest room. But Mom of course said, "Oh that's ok....I'll just wait." The nurse looked down at Mom's toes & her red toenails were wiggling at the end of her sandals. The nurse (who reminded me of Mary Lou Retton) said, "Honey, you are wiggling too much...I think you need to GO. Come on, I'll help you..." So, Mom gets over there but not without almost crashing the IV pole into every little table on the way. She could not steer it straight. I said to her back, "remember Mom to use your left hand for everything" I meant, once she was in there because the IV was on her right arm. But she thought I meant NOW, so she changed the pole to her left hand. I couldn't help it....there I was cracking up while she walked because she was trying to steer and getting herself all tangled up in the IV.

You have to understand, our family is a family prone to (little) accidents, trips, falls.... & sadly, not one of us can resist laughing at each other or at ourselves. Mom has always injured herself while creating and sculpting her art. Or from being the do-it-yourself woman at her home. She has dropped exacto knives on her legs that stuck and stood straight up, she has drilled through her fingers, sliced her fingertips, etc. And each time, we laugh because she's always so care free about it. No big deal...And so, we heal through laughter. We find humor in everything. It helps us get through. So, both Mom and I were giggling. It felt good...to laugh...it almost felt like there was nothing wrong...for those few seconds, we forgot why we were there.....

Finally, out comes Mom from the restroom. The nurse immediately jumps up from the nurses station to help my mom. Well, since it was such a pain to roll the IV pole into the bathroom....and since my mom has always been very athletic & a sportsman-type woman, she just grabbed the whole pole, lifting it off the ground with her other arm, and carried the darn thing to back to her recliner as if she hadn't had any fatigue this past week. The nurse was shocked but at this point laughing with us. Then she looks at me and says, "So, calling your mom 'stubborn' is an understatement I guess, huh?"

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That's a riot! And you're so correct, laughter is the best medicine. Helps the body to relax and get those healing forces moving again. Anyone who doesn't understand that probably hasn't faced and successfully dealt with true adversity.

But I know exactly what you mean about some of those rolling IV stands -- completely unstable. To avoid looking like a drunk, I've occasionally tilted up the front and let it roll on just the two back wheels.



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That was funny!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a family that laughs a lot!!! I tell Harry all the time that he and his family were born without a "funny bone"! :)

Your Mom might just be related somehow to me, because I have goofball things happen to me too! (Just recently, I had a rooster attack my leg--(he's no longer with us here on earth) :wink: , and I had to go to the ER because the spur went thru my calf muscle! NO ONE in the ER knew what a rooster spur was! They thought I was talking about the soft little comb they have on top of their head! :shock:

If it hadn't hurt so badly, I would have cracked up at the whole situation!

Laughter is the VERY BEST medicine in the world, and Bless your Mom (and you too!), for having a good sense of humor!

Take care,


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I read your response last night and every time I think about that rooster, I start cracking up. Just walking around my house today, fixing breakfast for my little ones, and I start laughing or grinning. =)

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It does feel really good to laugh together. On vacation with my sister we had a lot of really good laughs together and it made me feel so good all over.

I am glad you had some laughs with your Mom and I hope you will laugh with her again today and tomorrow and the next day..



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