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Funny how things happen....


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I haven't logged in to lcsc for quite a while....and I click on my bookmark quite by accident tonight....but logged in anyway to poke around...and it dawned on me.....it's July 7th....which was the day my Mom was diagnosed with NSCLC.....wow.

I'm still grieving her loss....I don't think that ends, but I do want to give hope to those in the beginning of this journey....it gets better...it becomes less acute, and the moments of joy will far outnumber the moments of sadness. You will be able to look at the life of your loved one with JOY...and thank God for allowing you have them for as long as you did.

For me, it didn't get better by itself....the old saying "time heals" is CRAP....what heals is a matter of what you DO with the time. I've been through grief recovery and have followed up with counseling.....I went through a deep sadness for quite a while, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When you reach that light, you will feel the arm of your loved one on your shoulder...you will feel the warmth of their smile because they WANT us to be happy again....our joy is their joy...

Take are of yourselves......and thank you again for being with me through such a powerful time in my life.....and thanks for popping in in such a 'mysterious' way tonight!

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It is weird how these 'accidents' happen. I think I came here today needing to hear what you said. I know logically that someday the pain will be less intense, and I know that I am still very early in this process, but I need some hope to cling to that I will get better. Some days I just don't see how to get there from here.

Thanks so much for your words!


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and a Jimmy Buffett quote in your sig line......

Oh, you'll be fine......listen to "Pacing the Cage" and "Coast of Carolina"......

from Coast of Carolina.....

"the walls that won't come down we can decorate or climb or find some way to get around....'cause I'm still on your side"

She's still on your side......promise.

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Hi Paige,

Wow... what a surprise... I guess we just needed to hear from you and some of us who are greiving you helped by giving us words of encouragment. You went through so much and here you are, coping and doing fine.

Thank you for your words and helping us.

Take care and so stop in from time to time. Just your little time on here has helped many with hope that the grieving process will get better.

Be good to yourself,

Maryanne :wink:

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