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Hello its nice to know your not alone


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Hi just want to thank everyone here for the hope and inspiration. When I tell people I have lc they just look at me and think im on my last leg. I try to tell them that theres alot of hope out there and don belive everything you read. An I know I get alot of my hope from you guys . I need to know how to get my cancer profile in though this is the best website for lc hugs pryaers joann

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Hi Joann.,

Yep, your right about being a lot of HOPE OUT HERE. But, the other side of this coin is, they have come a long ways in the treatments for lung cancer patients. Years back people got lung cancer and they died in a short period of time. Well, in some cases that is still true, (sadly enough) but in (most) cases lung cancer is being treated and even in my case they say I am cured. If lung cancer is caught early we have a better chance of beating it. It's no longer the death sentence is once was.

I'm glad we can offer you hope and support. In time you'll be sharing with the world all the same stories of hope,support and education, as we have learned to do. We have to re-educate the world in how they look at lung cancer patients. :wink:

I'm looking forward to getting to you know over the years.

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Gee, I thought Donna G was talking about me for a second. What a letdown!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that as the resident experts on lung cancer, a lot of us find ourselves in the role of educator for friends and acquaintances who haven't had reason to get updated in the last few years. Usually when they ask me how I'm doing with a look that indicates they've at least heard something about my health status, I first say I had 4 months of intense chemotherapy but now am on a maintenance program with few side effects, let that soak in a few seconds, then launch into the lung cancer / haven't smoked for 43 years / not a death sentence any longer routine to save them the embarrassment of asking a stupid (to us) question about smoking or prognosis. Then I assure them that it doesn't bother me a bit to talk about it and that I welcome the chance to share what I've learned, and end with asking whether they think I should let my hair grow out like it was before or keep it short like now similar to the flat-top that I had in my twenties. They usually vote for the flat-top.



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