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scurred.. my pet emotion


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Well, mom's been having some back and hip pain when she stands, so we're starting the scans early; starting tomorrow with a bone scan.

Personally, I think she's just being paranoid. She never mentioned a thing about pain in her hips until two months ago when the oncologist said "Lung cancer never goes to the knees, hips and back maybe." Well within a week she said "My hip's hurting a little."

Still though, I'm so terrified. I think I need a sedative. Here it is 2AM and as much as I try, I can't calm down.

Tomorrow is the bone scan, thursday will be a chest xray, and then next month we get a lovely ct scan. Why can't they just do all this in one day? I'm gonna be a basket case!!

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THink Positive Mitchell. Getting old is not fun Got 2 parents with lots of aches and pains, Remember, Prayers go up, and blessings come down. Sayin a prayer!!

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arthritis is a happening thing with the older set even as old as 35 ;P ... hopefully its that!

Really consider seeing your Dr an getting something for the anxiety... Xanax is lovely (for me anyway) I can still function and stuff but it brings me down from panic state nicely... I only take a 0.5 mg an its nice...

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Yes Mitchell wouldn't it be great if they can do all this at one time.

I am sure her pain will not be anything serious she will be fine.

I think you are probably more parionid than she is. She certainly has one heck of a fighter in here corner. But I am also not new to the dreaded feeling of that anticipation. :shock: SUCKS big time!!

I am sure you will keep us posted. Sorry you are both going through some drueling times right now,

Thinking of your mom and you and sending positive vibes to you both.

Maryanne :wink:

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