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Need Some POSITIVE Reinforcements

Guest Jeanne

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jeanne and my dad Don was diagnosed with stage IIIB this last May. Two weeks later he had surgery removing over 2/3 of his right lung and two lobes. From there he began seven weeks of chemo and over 35 sessions of radiation.

What an incredibly FRUSTRATING road this has been for him and our family!

His treatments ended over two months ago and he is still very tired, depressed and continues to lose weight although his appetite has increased greatly. Some days are good and some not so.

He is currently getting a weekly shot of Procrid and personally I think his Oncologist is a real #@$. Seems like he's pretty much written my dad off because of his stage. He told my dad he didn't need any follow up chemo or radiation, which is NOT true!

We're trying a new Oncologist next week and my dad will be having a PET scan tomorrow then on IRESSA for a while.

PLEASE! My dad is having needs some success/survival stories for stage III and IV if anyone has any!

My blessings are with all of you and your families!!!! :D

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Hi Jeanne,

I think you have already taken the first best step and that is finding another doctor. We have to partner with our oncologists and it is important to feel confident and supported by our medical team.

I would think that after everything your Dad has been through that it is understandable that he is still fatigued. I was caught unawares by the extent of the fatigue during chemo and it was months before I really was back to feeling stronger again. Cancer changes our lives (or it has mine) and what used to be just isn't any more, but that doesn't mean it's doom and gloom.

As for success stories, everyone in this area is a survivor of your Dad's stage or more extensive. I think it is a measure of success that people dealing daily with this disease still find a way to reach out to others...it has meant and still does mean a great deal to me to know that I can return to this list for information, support, empathy, and celebration of good news.

Please tell your Dad that we will all pull with him in his fight. Looking forward to hearing positive news from his new doctor experience and improved strength.



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Jeanne -

Welcome - I am sure you will find plenty of survivors here to help with information and encourgement for your Dad.

I agree with Margaret - seeing another oncologist would be the next best step. You do need to work as a team.

As for the exhaustion - well, your Dad has been through a lot and it does take time to get back your strength. The Procrit I received did not work for several weeks - I don't remember how long exactly, but I remember checking that out because it seemed to take FOREVER and I wasn't feeling that great. But, eventually, it kicked in and I didn't even need the last few doses they had prescribed.

We're all right here for the both of you -

God Bless-


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Hi Again Everyone!

After signing on for the first time today, already I've received responses! How wonderful this site is!

As I mentioned previously, my dad is having a PET scan tomorrow and he needs ALL of the prayers and positive thinking he can get!

I am trying to get him to log on to this site to chat with everyone so he can see that because he's a stage IIIB it's NOT the end.

I've been reading a lot of everyone's stories and I have to say how proud I am of all of you! It takes strong people to go through this and if I was the one with the cancer (I wish I could be the one going through this instead of my dad), I don't know if I would be as brave!

If anyone has had stage IIIB with a successful PET, please let me know!

My prayers are with you all!


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Jeanne, sorry about your dad. Glad you found another onc and things are moving along. You dad is in my prayers. My wife is Stage 3 NSCLC, with various bone mets. She had chemo and radiation and just passed her first year with no evidence of disease. We are working on the second year. Good luck. Don

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Your dad's PET may or maynot come out clean. If it does that is great but if it doesn't that doesn't mean he is gone. My husband is stage IV and the pet showed clean a few weeks ago in the lung and liver. There now is a possible lymph node problem. He had a scan the other day for that and we will know the results this coming Tuesday. It could just be an infection or it could be a met. Whatever, we will start the fight all over again if we must. Please try not to dwell on what may or maynot happen. My husband and I try and do one day at a time and each one of those days is gold to us.

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Hi Jeanne,

My father was just restaged from IIIa to IIIb a few weeks ago. I did just like you are and gathered as many IIIb success stories as I could. You just received some and I know you will receive more. I also put out this request on two other boards and received so many replies. I saved all of them - all different treatment methods too! We love his oncologist but I am still taking him for a second opinion at Sloan Kettering in NYC on the 6th. He begins a radiation treatment called IMRT next week.

Keep us posted so we can help you. This board is a lifesaver!!!

Here are the other two:


The other is an AOL Lung Cancer Message Board

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