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MRI Back and Cat Scan in progress


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Well on the 6th they did the MRI for the brain tumors. The Rad Onc seems to think it was a little early to do it but it does look better than the original. Still some swelling but not enough to cause concern. The Lung is a little different. I saw the Med Onc, Poor guy really doesn't know how to pass on bad news. The other tumor is still there in the lower part of the lung and the other one looks dead but he isn't quite sure. Had another Cat today and will know sometime next week or so. He has a trial going on that he is trying to see if I can get into. It is with Alimta, Gemcitibine, and Taxol plus some vitamins.He says even if I don't get in the trial he will be going with Alimta anyway. The only other problem is now I am getting dizzy and nauseous and have been tossing my cookies when I get hot.


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Aw Ralph..........sorry to hear the news........especially the cookie part. Wish your guy could be a little more definite than 'looks dead, but not quite sure', ya know? Clinical trials are good....hope you qualify. Keep us in the loop and remember..........2nd, 3rd, and 4th opinions can be very good things!


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