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Oncologist trumps Radiologist???


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My PET scan results are back and the report shows progression and increased SUV. However, my oncologist looked at the films himself, and had another oncologist and another radiologist (Univ. of Miami affiliated) and those 3 say there is no difference from the last scans and therefore I'm stable.

I'm not going to do justice to his explanation, but its something about the body is sliced in 3 pieces for the images and that if the place where the slice occurs is different than the slice on the previous scan, the new image will appear larger or smaller than before. Like cutting an apple in 3 -- if you cut closer to the top, the middle image will appear larger than before.

So 3 doctors say stable. Which is good. But those bad words (progression and increased SUV) are still on the written report and its making me CRAZY!!! I want my oncologist to take a red pen and mark up the report like my elementary school nuns used to do but he refuses to humor me. I tried doing it myself, but I was only able to fool me for a very short time.

So I'm stable. With an asterisk. Stable* Grrrr.

But so very, very grateful.

New scans in September (that will me month 18 on Tarceva).

Prayers for all of us,


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Grrrr from here too, Trish! Darnitall, it sure takes the shine off a good report doesn't it? Seems 'those' folks can always leave us with just a 'little' bit to worry over, don't they?

All in all, it's a good report, but I agree, I'd want to red pen it too :? . The 3 against one is a rather good ratio in your favor though......don't forget that!!!

TRY to breathe a bit easier (in spite of that da%# asterisk) until September.


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Hi Trish, Since when do we believe what we read in a radiologist report! They are experts in CYOA in writing. :)

Radiologists having been writing the worst on my reports for almost 7 years now. My doctors/surgeon have to read the scans too and give me their verbal opinion. Which has always been no change, go home and await further word until your next scan.

So please try not to worry. Crummy radiologist reports are part of the "new normal".


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Loved your 3 slice interpretation! I got it though!

I understand what you are feeling, we got similar scan results last time. Overall stable*. I guess stable with an asterisk is better then not stable! :D

Doing happy "3 to 1" stable dances for you.


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