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Painting Cancer Tumours For Surgical Removal!!!!!!!


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Tumour paint improves cancer therapy


Painting tumours with a fluorescent scorpion extract will help surgeons distinguish between cancer cells and normal brain tissue in the operating room, according to researchers.

Developed by researchers at Seattle Children's Hospital Research Institute and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the paint will help surgeons see where a tumour begins and ends more precisely by illuminating the cancerous cells.

Accprding to a study in the journal Cancer Research, the illuminating paint gives surgeons a better chance of removing cancerous cells during surgery without injuring surrounding healthy tissue. This is particularly significant in the brain, where approximately 80% of malignant cancers recur at the edges of the surgical site.

Current technology, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can distinguish tumours from healthy tissue only if more than 1 million cancer cells are present.

Dr James Olson from the Seattle Children's Hospital and The Hutchison Center said: "My greatest hope is that tumour paint will fundamentally improve cancer therapy. By allowing surgeons to see cancer that would be undetectable by other means, we can give our patients better outcomes."

Researchers believe the paint could be used in operating rooms in as little as 18 months. Dr Olson said the paint had the potential to be used in the future as a non-invasive screening tool for early detection of skin, cervical, esophageal, colon and lung cancers. It could also useful in identifying positive lymph nodes which could mean a significant advancement for breast, prostate and testicular cancers

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