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Financial assistance programs, etc.

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Not sure if this post should go elsewhere...I'll search around this site more.....but thanks to the Lance Armstrong Foundation web site, I have been directed to the Patient Advocate Foundation where they have given me a TON of helpful suggestions and advise in regards to getting financial assistance for my mom's medical bills. Being that she is a freelance art teacher, and has had to quit working, she is struggling to get the bills paid. Of course my mom's sister has taken over the organization of the bills and become close with Blue Cross, so we have some idea now of where we stand. Bottom ling, Mom is expected to pay $15,000 / annually to BC before they kick in 100%. However, we still have some medications that are not covered...like the $400+ appetite stimulant she refused to pay for the other day. But NOW...we have options. So, we still could use help to actually get the bills PAID. The Patient Advocate Foundation assigned me a case manager who I've spoken with over the phone and will continue communicating with as questions arise.

He has given me the following web sites and summaries of what these programs can offer patients:

Patient Advocate Foundation's CoPay Relief (CPR)



*Copay relief assist patient with chemo &/or prescription drug copays for Lung Cancer

HealthWell Foundation



*Assists with copays & some insurance premiums for NSCLC

Patient Access Network




Chronic Disease Fund



Managed Rx Plans Inc.


*He said this one might be the "end all" solution to co-pay issues.

"Managed Rx Plans provides cost free prescriptions to individuals with long term recurring medication needs, accepting most major medical as payment in full, for all diagnoses. No income limitations.

And lastly, if anyone wants a no-cost, unbiased, multidisciplinary second opinion consultations to any cancer patient:

The Regional Cancer Foundation

*I only have the local number for us here in the SF Bay Area 415-775-9956

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