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Two Years


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I read this quote from someone here on the board and copied it to a piece of paper on my desk.

"Each time we embrace a memory, we meet once again with those we love~for the heart never forgets.

May your day be filled with many special memories that bring a smile to your face....and may you feel your Moms presence with you on what I'm sure is a very emotional day for you.

Thinking of you,


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Val. What a beautiful tribute to your mom and your life with her. And your passage by Patti Davis, how true is that as time passes? So true.

I cried the whole way through your blog post. I cried for you and your girls and your mom.

I was just thinking about my mom and the one-year-mark coming up, and I randomly logged on and there was your post. I can relate to every single thing you wrote.

Hang in there, you wonderful daughter and wonderful mom. Your mom would be so proud of you. Big hugs to you...

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