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Baby Update


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Well, with "officially" 4 weeks left to go...It's HOT around here!! The county fair is starting at the beginning of next week, the state fair is at the beginning of August (both are things Sabrina loves to go to!) and we've been sitting in the mid-90's. YUCK! :shock:

As of my last check-up I got my rear chewed by the doctor's for not taking my b/p medicine and, of course, it was elevated. I'm now on a weekly non-stress test schedule to go along with everything else. Xavier, however, is still doing just fine and I'm pretty sure that he's got to weigh at least a ton by now!!! :lol::wink: The ultrasounds, unless there's something else that comes up in the next few weeks, should be done (hurray!) and we're now looking forward (is that the right word? :shock::shock: ) to labor and delivery.

I'm personally hoping to go a bit sooner than my August 17th due date...but it's not up to me, I guess!

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Thanks for the baby report , Missy. That last month is always hard, but even harder when it's hot as blazes and when you are battling bloodpressure problems. You've just got to take care of yourself for that new little one . Won't be as long as it has been... right? Well, I wanted to say something positive.. lol Take care of yourself, Missy... you're worth it. :D


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So glad you posted an update for us! I've been wondering...knew it was 'soon', but now I've got the date fixed in my mind.

You do all the hard work, so we can sit back and ooh-and ahh- and make other appropriate vowel sounds about the beautiful baby pictures.

:) Kelly

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Oh Missy I just love to talk baby talk. My Xavier is almost 5 months old so I love the name you picked. I got to pick both of my grandsons names and because boys can be so bad, I went to the bible for names. We also have a Gabriel. Lot of good it did as Gabe is so bad he just got his birthday taken away. :evil: He will be 5 Aug. 22. Ok so I did already start buying him presents but we had to tell him he lost his birthday trying to keep him good till at least then. lol

I am sure you can't wait for your little saint to arrive but with all the heat you are putting up with maybe he will cook at least a little faster. Please share pics asap.


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