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Reading at Tim's Memorial Service


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This is what I wrote that was read at Tim's Memorial Service...just wanted to share. The picture is how I want to remember him ......

My husband was the bravest man I know.

Through 10 months of chemotherapy, radiation, pain and fear, he never once complained, never once asked why….he just wanted to enjoy life no matter what. He fought with everything he had.

Even before he got sick, Tim always took life one day at a time and enjoyed every moment. Whether it was time with his family and friends, playing softball with the guys, vacations at Salisbury beach or working in the yard, he made each and every second count. He taught me many things about life, but most importantly he was my balance, always there to steady me and show me how life should be lived.

He was a wonderful father who loved his sons and his grandkids, an amazing husband and a terrific friend. Everyone loved Tim’s sense of humor and no matter how sick he got, he never lost that. The week before he died, our friend Michele came over to visit and she said “Tim, I had a dream about you”…and before she could tell him what the dream was about he laughed and said “Michele, your timing stinks”. Tim always had a smile for everyone and he made friends every where we went.

I was always lucky growing up…I had a wonderful loving close family. Because of Tim, that family has grown. He made me part of his amazing family….two step-sons Ben and Tony and two perfect grandkids, Tyler and Madison. My mother-in-law Margaret, who stood by me taking care of him, and his brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews that I can never repay for their love and devotion to Tim and to me. I hope they all realize how much I love them.

Tim will be missed by his family and friends and by everyone his life has touched…. I know he is looking down on us and he knows he was loved.

Tim, I miss you so much, but I made you a promise that I would be alright and I will try my best to keep my promise.

I do know that you will never be far from me, as you will always be right here in my heart….every time I see the ocean you will only be a breath away….I love you forever….

You will never be forgotten

Thanks for reading this and thanks for all your concern and support ...I would never have made it through the past 10 months without you all....


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it was a wonderful letter to tim. My dad did and still is doing the same thing. He wrote mom a beautiful letter and writes her one 1x a month and says maybe one day he will find people who write love letters to spouses who have passed and call the book "letters to the love of my life"

I hope time passes for you and your pain eases. Thats unfortunately all anyone can do. wait for time to pass.

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Dear Kathy,

I'm really so sorry about Tim. Thank you for the beautiful tribute, that was really wonderful. He must have been a very special person, and his picture is great, you must be proud! It hit a cord as Tim was the same age as my friend who passed only last month from SCLC. Thank you for sharing, and my thoughts are with you and your family.

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thanks for sharing --what a beautiful tribute ---

although you cannot believe it now, in time the pain does ease

may your happy memories of your life together get you through your pain.

regards and in sympathy

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