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Not Good News any Clincal Trial Suggestions??


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Well, dad just got the news from Hopkins that the PET scan showed that the spot between the lungs grew from 1 to 5 and that there are 3 new lymph nodes showing up. His oncologist is not recommending chemotherapy because it has never been effective very long. He mentioned 2 clinical trials. One is the MDX-1106 that seems to have tons of side effects and doesn't look that promising yet (Phase 1) and another vaccine therapy (not sure of the name of it yet). Anyone have any other suggestions of treatments??? I may have to email Dr. West... Just trying to digest everything. My dad is such a fighter and has been so depressed lately. I'm afraid that this is going to kick him in the gut. He does want to try something though so I guess thats good.......

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Stimuvax is the vaccine trial and has hadgood results. Try these 2 links;



MDX 1106


THIS SITE IS ALSO THE SITE TO FIND ALL CLINICAL TRIALS CURRENTLY ACTIVE. NO RESULTS IN HERE JUST STATUS. Click on the home button at the top and you can search by disease or drug if you know what it is. site will tell you requirements for enrollment. If I can help in here more drop me a note. SAying a prayer.

Stimuvax info also in Clinical trial forum Plainly marked foir easy finding.

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Sorry to hear of the progression -- we know the feeling all too well. Give my best to your Dad and good luck on finding a great trial. Stimuvax fascinates me and I'd go for it if he is still a 3b or less.

Hang in there -- there will be better days ahead!


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Praying for your Dad and hopeful that he becomes a participant in the stimuvax trial which I have read very positive reports on. Prayers for a return to health.


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