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PET Scan Monday ~Update 7/24~ Update 7/30~


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THANK YOU to you ALL. Bill is feeling pretty good today and I can only think that's because of all your prayers. We went to a Flea Market and he walked for over an hour. More than he's done in weeks. We appreciate all your good wishes and prayers. I'll post results as soon as I can.

To everyone, stay strong and let's get through this week with a smile.

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Hello All,

PET results stink! Can't really put it any plainer than that. The chemo didn't work. More mets to the bone including the spot on T12 now being described as "increased destruction." He also has new areas in the sacral, acetabulum, left hip, femur as well as humerus. Various other places but as far as I can see no organ involvement. The report listed SUV numbers from 9.6 to 14.6 of which I'm not sure what they mean but I'll probably check with Dr West. Anyway, no chemo tomorrow, meet with Oncologist on Monday and most likely get referral to Radiation Onc.

But I do want to add thanks to all of you who have shared your good thoughts and wonderful prayers. I know they worked in the way God wanted them to. I'm stronger now than I was at the last PET scan....and I do trust in Him to get us through.


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Oh crud -- I'm sure you didn't want those results. I'm very sorry and hope something can be done to stop any pain and spread.

Wishing you both my very best. Prayers sent.

Damn this cancer -- Grrr... I'm around if you want to "talk".


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