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PET Scan Monday ~Update 7/24~ Update 7/30~


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I know Welthy's husband's new regimen has Gemzar as a single line treatment.

My dad is on Gemzar/Carbo/Avastin as a first line right now. Gmezar is a very mild chemo as far as side effects go. It causes fatigue and low blood counts (surprise surprise).

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Thanks for the info, I'll check with Welthy about how Tony has tolerated it.

As far as Avastin, the Doc never mentioned it. I was under the impression it was not for SCLC, but I didn't think Gemzar was either. I think he's just giving him Gemzar because it is milder and there are not alot of other choices. I'm guessing he's counting on the radiation to work on some of the areas. Unfortunately the cancer is spread to several areas including lymph nodes in the neck and mediastinum. I don't know how many areas can be radiated at one time, but we do have an appointment tomorrow with the radiologist and should get some answers.

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Hi Laurie,

Glad to hear there is a chemo plan in place and radiation in the works. Tony did start Gemzar again today. Gemzar is an old friend. He did 12 cycles in 2005-2006 combined with Taxotere. He had high fevers/night sweats, but then he has those with various chemos. Mouth sores too. It is hard to separate what the side effects that were from Gemzar vs. Taxotere. The oncologist put him back on this because it is considered mild and he's pretty frail right now. As far as SCLC vs. NSCLC treatments, our oncologist is also bringing SCLC treatments to the table for future use if Tony gets feeling better.

I sure hope this works for both of our guys! You are in my thoughts and prayers regularly. There are too many of us sitting in the hot seat right now -- and I'm sorry you are one of them. Have hope.

Many hugs,


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