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Update on Mom!!!


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I love this board and I love the fact that I can report that my mom's PET Scan end of June showed she is CANCER FREE- NED!!!

She had an oncologist appointment this morning and all was good. Her bloodwork is good and all her vitals etc. She was on Tarceva as adjuvant chemo, for 9 days at 150 mg, but the list of side effects she had was rather long. After being off of it a couple weeks she is feeling much better. He said he would like for her to start on 75mg. and see how that does . He said if need be he can even lower it from there. He just wants her on some kind of chemo . Due to her overall condition, age (78yrs) and other health concerns this is the chemo he has chosen to be the best choice for her.

I just want to thank everyone for your well wishes and prayers. It means so much to me and my family. Now if you will join me in a happy dance.... I rarely get to do those, but for today we dance... Woo Hoo!!!!

Love and Prayers to All,


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YIPPEE..............today we DANCE and I don't even care if I have a partner :roll: !!!!! Love this news, Sue. Glad it's the weekend so Fred and I can celebrate 3 whole days :lol: . I love this board too!!!!!

Give Mom a big 'atta girl' from us, okay??


Kasey (Fred too)

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That’s great news. For what it is worth the one thing that I take that I think really helped with the Tarceva side effects is the AHCC. I take 6 grams a day. I take 2 grams three times a day. I think this made a difference.

Stay positive, :)


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Thank you everyone for your continued support, prayers and happy dancing. You guys are the best. Don't know where I would be without you and glad I don't have to know.

Mom is on 3rd day of Tarceva at 75mg.. early yet to know if this dose will work. Will update you later when we have a better idea. Again, thank you.

Love and Prayers to all,


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