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Dealing with my curve ball


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Well been doing some of my own research and I now find out that the spot on the hip is still there, but it has gone to 5.4 from 5.9 SUV. It still does not show on the CT scan. The scan report did not state this but I looked at the images myself and wondered why there was an image of the hip and no mention of what the SUV was. I had them reread the PET scan. I still have a couple of other spots that need to be treated. I checked with the radiologist and he said that he could remove the spots any time. He said that I should give the chemo a chance to reduce them as well as any that they can not see on scans. He said that the radiation would also lower the blood count and my resistance. If my blood count got too low they may not be able to give me the aggressive chemo. It all sounds good to me now, but it was a few days of unknown about what to do.

I had my chemo Monday Carboplatin and Taxol and today is Friday and played a round of Golf.

I have some slight pain in my shoulder. I don’t know if it’s from the cancer or some strenuous exercise I did the night before I got the report. Being the nut that I am, I went to our Wellness Center to do a new work out, Aerobics. Now I have done Aerobics before but not with a barbell. So after my report was the time the effects from the aerobics kicked in. Aerobic squats with a barbell; I forgot what that can do. Whenever I had to sit down for anything, it took two hands to lower myself. A few days later most of the pain was gone. I don’t know if this has contributed to some of the pain in my shoulder.

The radiologist said that if interfered with my golf game He could hit the spots. I put all of my faith in God. He is always with me. I think he may be showing me that you can live with cancer and give others encouragement that they can too.

The radiologist told me that there are a lot of people out there that have a lot more cancer than I do and they don’t even know it. These people don’t know they have cancer, are doing nothing to fight it, and having a great time. I know about mine and I am doing everything I can so I ought to have just as good a time as them. Still feel great and have not had a sick day.

We have many people on this web site that have been in remission for some time. I pray that all of them will stay in remission. I know I would rather have stayed in remission. I would like all of them to know that I plan to put this back in remission. What I would each of you that worry about your scans to think is, that if this ever happens to you, that you can go right on and beat it again. This may take a little of the worry from you and allow you to be even more positive and help you stay in remission.

Stay positive, :)


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Ernie, with your attitude, I have no doubt that you will beat this back into remission!

Your story has been a big inspiration to me as my dad has been going through his fight with cancer. You continue to inspire every day.

You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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I have been reading your posts and following your story since I 1st logged on to this site. Your positive, kick-butt attitude has had a tremendous impact on me and helped to keep me focused and moving forward. Keep up the fight- I have no doubt you will be in remission sooner than later.

Sincerely, Julie

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Hi Ernie. I guess the radiation oncologist figurers the chemo can do a lot at this point and maybe he wants to hold off on the radiation and save it for a later option if you really need it. I guess they would do chemoradiation for extensive malignancy. Good luck with your treatment and I hope you wipe it out again without any radiation.

Don M

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I'm sad that I didn't get to see you while in Florida.

Thanks for the heads up on the milk thistle.

If anyone can tackle this monster, I know you can!! Hang in there, God is close to you.

God Bless!!


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Please know that I'm rooting for you in the next round. You have such an awesome outlook, and I sincerely hope that your golf game is better than mine is right now! :oops:

Good luck to you,


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Ernie, You're my rock!

I've been following you since I first found this board! (Your "posts" actually--I promise I haven't been stalking you personally!! :shock: ) :)

You've been my inspiration. You've helped me help Harry, and your faith is a lesson to all of us that tend to fall thru the cracks with our own every so often.

You're on my prayer list, right at the top, so please know I send up requests for your health every day.


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You are such an inspiration here and have helped so many people who have posted. You always give such greatful encouragement.

We have much to give back to you. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be in remission again. You just have the attitude and determination to make this happen.

I know you are away for a vacation, which you certainly could use.

Thinking of you...


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