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Milk Thistle by Ernie

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Milk Thistle REPORT

By Ernie Puckett

This is a report on one of many supplements that I take. Each report will contain:

What it is,

How I think it helped me.

Dosage I take, with links to info on dosage if available.

What I would recommend to my children to take as a supplement

A link to The Sloan Kettering site if the supplement is listed there. You may have to agree to the conditions then click on the first letter of supplement, and scroll down to the supplement. If you have already been to this web site before it will take you right to the supplement. Some supplements may interfere with chemotherapy or radiation. This site is a good source for that information

Other interesting web sites where I found valuable information, with links to research

Brand name and manufacture and link to where I purchase the product. This is the best price I have found.

Most of the web sites are also selling a product and may be bias, but they still contain good information. The Sloan Kettering site has no interest in selling products and I consider this unbiased.

By reviewing this report and the clicking links you should be able to make an intelligent decision whether this is something you want to take.

For additional information you can Google the supplement in your browser.


Don’t forget to add the most important item_ PRAYER

Milk Thistle, Milk thistle is an ancient medicinal plant used to purify and protect the liver

How I think it helped me, I think it may help prevent damage to liver that may be caused by the Tarceva. It also may help prevent cancer.

What I take today, I take Ultra Thistle 1080mg Silybin Phytosome a day. I have just recently started taking this supplement. It sounds like a good one for cancer patients to take so I have added it to my supplements.

What I would suggest that my children take as a supplement, It would not need to be taken unless there is a good reason. like a weakened immune system. I don’t think that it would hurt to take it either.

What is Milk Thistle


http://www.salamresearch.com/html/milk_ ... oduct.html

Dosage Scroll down to “What is the dosage recommendation for UltraThistle?”


Sloan Kettering


Other web sites of interest

http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/silyma ... ilkthistle

http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/pdq/ ... #Section_7


http://www.drugdigest.org/DD/DVH/HerbsW ... le,00.html

Brand name and lowest price that I have found Milk thistle varies in price. I chose the one that I take because its potency and formula. The brand that I take is Natural Wellness Ultra Thistle

http://shop.naturalwellnessonline.com/p ... umber=N200

Questions and comments appreciated


If you would like to be removed from these report mailings, e-mail your request to the above address.

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