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Issues - 7-24 Update- 7-26 P.S. Better news


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7-24 UPDATE on new post down there somewhere.

Ditto the 7-26 P.S.

Hi all,

I don't update Tony much on the boards because I figure everyone can read profiles, but he is having a bit of a rough go of it right now.

We would sincerely appreciate any extra prayers and good thoughts sent his way. He is still in his typical high spirits and hopefully we will get these issues resolved pronto. We're thinking that 6th line treatment is in the very near future for him.

Thanks everyone,


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Sending Prayers al;ways and let me know if there is anything I can do For ya. Take care of yourself and Tony. Love and Hugs RandyW

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Ah Welthy :cry: ..............I AM sorry to hear the struggle Tony is having. I must admit that I don't ALWAYS check the profiles when reading about the folks I 'know' and I should. Guess I haven't kept up to date with you guys. May there be resolution to these issues ASAP and may Tony find himself on the upswing as well. Some days, well, ALL days, I just want to kick the CRAP outta this da$% disease :twisted: , ya know?


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I am sending you strength and all of my positive thoughts. You have been through really tough times before--and made it! You and Tony are going to make it through this time too.

We use you and Tony as an example to you inspire my dad and mom...both of you are amazing!!

Stay strong. I am sending you all of my hope.


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