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PET Scan Question - UPDATE 7/30/07


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I go in for my PET scan next Tuesday (24th) and then have to wait until the following Monday (30th) to see my Oncologist for the results. The nerve of her to take a summer vacation!!! LOL

Oh yea, prayers are welcomed. Thanks for all you folks do to support and encourage each other.

7/30 ... Cancer is still stable. She gave me a new script to hopefully help with pain caused by nerves damaged during radiation. I would happy dance but I need to rest a few minutes first. The hurry and wait are very draining!!!

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(This is a complete rip-off from another website, but I thought I'd throw this term in here.) You're having a case of the dreaded scanxiety!!

Everyone is right, the scan goes from mid-head down past the naughty-bits. :wink:

Good luck and prayers on the wait and the results.


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Hi Judy,

Bill is having his PET tomorrow and see's the Dr on the 30th too. Maybe we should talk next Monday night and compare notes.

Anyway I just looked up a picture I have on Bill's PET from last December and it showed almost his entire head... and it goes down to mid-thigh. I hope his PET tomorrow shows enough of his head because he does have a skull met and I want the radiologist to be able to see if it's there or gone.

Anyway, good luck, many prayers and lots of promise. As Ernie says, "stay positive"

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I think the reason they go from eyes to thighs is to encompass all the Lymph Nodes to make sure nothing else is HOT...

My dad STILL has not had one... we have had CTscans and a MRI of the brain but no PET...CTs show so much. I would really love to see if there are any other "spots" we need to watch for besides what we know in the Lungs an Liver... Im hoping that at the end of this line of treatment we can get one.

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