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Mom's latest CT scan


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My mom's latest CT scan has come back clean. Dr. Mike sat with her with scans in hand and said he couldn't see anything.

She said she no longer has breathing problems (ahem, thanks to somebody whose name rhymes with the team that beat the Cubs). And she is able to drive herself to her checkups. She no longer takes the Block supplements, on the count of my jerk stepdad insisting she only use Amway products. Whatever, it's out of my hands now :? .

As long as she stays healthy, I guess. To think, a year ago, I started emailing her wonderful surgeon-to-be.

Later y'all.

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I just read the reports, and it turns out my mom's condition is stable. Her pneumothorax has completely resolved, but there are two 1 cm nodules in the upper lobe, and one in the lower lobe, which Dr. Mike thinks might just be benign nodules or scar tissue from the surgery because they were there at the last CT scan in June and haven't grown. He talked with the surgeon on Friday, and she said my mom is very lucky that her lung expanded. Also, it says pleural effusion is increased lately. It also says that the nodules were hidden because of the effusion in the June CT scan.

This is all news to me. Then again, my mom likes to keep her head in the sand and in her mind, she's beaten this completely. My mom had the scan done at our local crappy hospital that just wrote her off, so maybe they're covering their butts' because they're afraid of me and my pen. They're scheduling another CT for January. She had a colonoscopy done this weekend because of bloating and gas pains, and the GI doc concluded she just has bad constipation.

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