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David W

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Gemzar/vinorelbine? Has any one had any positve results using this combo? Switched chemo one week ago today looking for tumor reduction prior to surgery. Survived two months on Carbo/Taxol with no measurable change to the primary and I'm thankful for the blessing. Side effects seem to be tolerable( to me), but I have never seen any reference to Vinorelbine. Any help? May God Bless, Dave W.

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I can't tell you anything about the Vinorealbine David, but can tell you my husband had a good response to the Gemzar. It was more effective than the carbo/taxol and taxotere. I hope you get that tumor down so it can be removed.

Good luck with this combo and let us know how it goes.

I love your smile! :D

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I got the tumor reduction with cisplatin and vp-16 concurrent with radiation, that shrunk the tumor considerably. Have they considered that option? My tumor was still big, but had pulled away from all the edges considerably, and on top of all else was dead on removal.

God bless and good luck to you.

Miracles happen every day.

the hard part is WAITING....




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Guest Jonathan

Hi David,

There are many chemos out there for NSCLC, and usually oncologists use carboplatin and taxol, or cisplatin and etoposide as there first line standard therapy. However, if that fails there are other therapies out there that may do the trick. They are as follows...



gemzar (gemcitibine)

Docetaxel (taxotere)

CPT-11 (irrinotecan) --dramatic results--newer drug....



Besides if all they are looking for before surgery is tumor shrinkage, they will eventually achieve it....there virtually no tumor that does not at the least shrink somewhat with chemotherapy (besides pancreatic). They will find the right one and it will work....


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