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Cruciferous Vegetables Fight Cancer


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Thanks for the article! I'm always on the hunt for info relating to diet and cancer. Has anyone ever heard of Christina Pirello? She's a whole foods cook (she has a local cooking show on in the Philadelphia area). She's written 2 vegetarian cookbooks and has a magazine entitled "Christina Cooks". I have attended several of her cooking classes over the past few months. Many of the fruits and vegetables in your article I had never even HEARD OF (Like Daikon!?) until I attended her class -- now I eat them on a regular basis!

The reason I find her so inspiring is that she was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia when she was 26 years old. She opted to not undergo treatment and was prepared to die. She was introduced to the macrobiotic diet and followed it religiously. Her cancer went into what the doctors called "spontaneous remission" and she has never looked back. (She's in her 40's) Since then, she has modified her way of cooking to make it a little more "user friendly", since macrobiotics can be so limiting, but she's very big on eating all organic foods.

Perhaps it's true: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!! :wink:

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