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ok I have a durable power of attorney...

Now I am thinking that with the Dr recommending a break from Chemo and taking the wait and see approach I need to know what I need to do to Control my Fathers movements.

I live in MO which is where he is now. As he gets stronger he is going to want to go to CA to visit/live for a awhile which in his condition is not reasonable. Why? because where he would be stay only has power.... NO running water, NO sewer, and is VERY VERY rural I mean an hour drive to go about 15 miles up a mountain... not to mention over 3 hours to the nearest hospital there is a small urgent care in town but nothing big. My father suffers from short term memory problems and cannot remember drs names what kind of treatment he is getting nor even what type of cancer he has. not to mention the alcoholic tendency he has and would probly resume when left to himself. there is NO family or anyone to care for him there either.

so my question is what type of paperwork do I need... will a regular POA work or do I need to get conservatorship...or is there something else I need to do?

I need to control his movement between states... I dont really care how he spends his money at this point except I think he truly belives he is not as sick as he is, and this is a bump in the road to a full recovery and buying a new truck an spending spring and summers in CA.... which would then be a waste of money better spent here.

thanks in advance....

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not really good with legal matters but may have a caregivers link to help you out with other things since he is so far away.... try this if interested, and it is no charge site..


Sorry can not help with Legal but you will get answers throughout the day I know that.

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I don't know the laws of your state, but in Wisconsin you would have to be appointed the guardian of the person of your father. You would then have the right to make decisions for his well being.

The power of attorney that you currently have likely only gives you the right to handle financial affairs. It may be valid now, or make become effective upon your father's incapacity.

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