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Finally told what the "white spots" are on the MRI

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Finally, the docs said the spots we've been seeing on the MRIs are numerous brain tumors, after 3 months of waiting to hear what they were. The good news is that they are shrinking according to the most recent Brain MRI due to the WBR she had done back in Feb. Doctor was amazed that the Tarceva is still working and keeping my mom stable within the rest of her body (she's been on it for 18 months). Unfortunetly Tarceva does not protect the brain - so that is why she's having issues there. Having so many tumors in the brain sounds really scary, but he seems optimistic since they are shrinking, so I'm hoping it is really "OK". Next scan - Sept 2007, so we wait, and start the roller coaster of emotions again. Ug - I don't know how much more I can handle!

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It sounds like your mom is responding very well to her treatment plan. I know it is tough to deal with the uncertainty of this disease and it is normal to have low moments and wish life were back to what it was before you knew your mom had lc. You will probably surprise yourself with your strength in helping your mom. I see you have a baby so don't forget being tired can make you more emotional too. Try to get some rest if you need it and recharge your batteries.


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