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Getting to Know You - July 26


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A tip is supposed to be for exceptional or really good service. I hate places that add the tip to the bill. I just feel like I am paying more for the meal and saving the owners from paying their employees more.

A tip is a way of stating your satisfaction or lack of it with service. A good resturant with good service should get a tip. I buffet where I have to get my own utensils and drink in addition to my food. No way and certainly not fast food. I have worked them and a tip was unheard of in my day.

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I always tip when I get curb-side service. Figure the waitress/waiter has to take their time to put my food together and bring it out. I usually tip at Chinese Restaurants if they have a cup there with the subtle "tips" written on it - I don't mind rewarding good customer service when I find it.

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