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Made a Decision and Starting Clinical Trial


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Just thought I'd update from the original post. Thanks so much to everyone who sent information. We looked into everything.....I think we are researched out!!! I told my mom that we could start our own business "clinical trials r us" ;) Anyway, my dad has decided to go with one of the clinical trials that Hopkins offered. Every cancer hospital we called said that it was his best option at this time. Unfortunately his options are limited due to his heart issues and the fact that he's already had so many lines of treatment. He has been restaged to Stage IV so Stimuvax is out too. This particular clinical trial hasn't been showing any significant side effects yet and apparently 2 out of 7 people have seen significant improvement. They were able to get him in quick and he starts on Monday. He has to stay up there for 10 days each treatment (about once per month, its a series of shots) but they'll deal with that. Here's the link in case anyone is researching or is interested. Thanks Again for all of the support, prayers and information. You are all just wonderful!!

http://www.cancer.gov/search/viewclinic ... id=3493769


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Prayers and Positive thoughts. A BIG THANK YOU for being a pioneer in Lung Cancer research, also. I know this was a difficult decision to try this and THANK YOU BOTH!!

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