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CT Scan


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My dad goes for his CT scan tomorrow (october 24) morning. This will be the first testing done since his treatment ended last month. Results will be given on the 31st.

The doctors originally said they would hope for dramatic results so that his scans could be passed on to the Thoracic Surgeon to see if there is any possiblity of surgery. Surgery is key right so that is what I am hoping for.

I am scared.

I sit here typing this and it takes me almost two minutes to complete a sentence....my head is all over the place. I know that if my father does not get the results he is hoping for he will just say "oh well we tried" and give up. He will not go through treatment again..that much I know. And that frightens the heck out of me. I dont want to play the "what if" game but I find myself consumed with it.

If anyone has any positive vibes they could send our way it would be greatly appreciated.


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The waiting is sooo awful.

We had CT yesterday will get results Monday.

Just think positive.

Maybe your Dad will want to finish the treatment if they want to do more. Sometimes they surprize you. My husband is surprising me with how co-operative he is being.

Hang in there.


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Just one step at a time............just one tiny step at a time.............just one tiny step at a time..................

You'll get there. It is very tough to wait, but keep your outlook up and let your Dad know you'll be there with him - that "what if" game can NEVER be won!! (I know I have done it - I think most of us have!!)

Praying for good results -


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What Terrie said ... big time! I'm in a similar situation as your Dad. I was dxd Squamous Cell Carcinoma a little over a week ago. First they said stage 3. Now they're not so sure. Might be stage 2. I'm waiting on a call from a thorasic surgon to go in for more tests. The tumor is blocking the airway to my right lung and part of that lung has colapsed so I can't work right now. I have NO stamina what-so-ever. Just walking from the living room to the den leaves me short of breath.

All the above leaves me and my wife with not much to do but sit and think. NOT a good thing for either of us.

So what do we do? ANYTHING! Anything BUT sit around playing head games. I read. I do my computer art. I watch TV. When the energy is up I go for a drive. I spend a LOT of time with my wife and our two cats. But most of all I spend my time in TODAY.

Tracy, there is only one day we are given to deal with. And that's TODAY. Not tomarrow, or next week, or next year. Not yesterday, or a week ago. Just today. Today the sun is shining. Today I'm breathing in and out. Today I get to spend with the most wonderful woman who ever lived. Today I have a roof over my head, food on the table, and my own bed to sleep in. Today I can read a good book if I choose. And today there are wonderful people from all over the world I get to "talk" to (that includes you! :))

So find something you like to do (maybe with your Dad), then tell your brain to SHUT UP and go out and enjoy .... (ya know what's comming here, don't ya? :)) ... TODAY.


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Its really tough waiting on results!! I also find it tough not to play the what if game... You say your head is all over the place. Thats my problem too. its like I can't quit thinking, my head is full of a thousand thoughts at once!! I've said many times if I could just turn off my mind, at least part of the time then I'd be able to get through this so much easier, not that its ever easy. We are also waiting on new results to find out where we stand after doing more treatment, we get them on the 30th. I'm a mess!!! I wish I knew the answer to make this easier for you, but if I did I guess I wouldn't be such a mess myself... I wish I could just sleep until Thursday..but I can't even make it through one night without waking up every hour...

I will say a prayer that his treatments have worked and that surgery is possible! I will be thinking of you and your family!! Take care....


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If you read the info below my signature you will see that my husband Bill has had 4 different treatments. Each time when the treatments failed he would ask the oncologist what was next. Even though at home he seemed to be giving up and was having dreadful side effects - when it came right down to it and the doctor said he could just go home without further treatment to have a better quality of life for the time he had left - Bill would say, "That is not an option. How can I do that?"

If your dad wants no further treatment, that is his option. He may surprise you and agree to more. If not, let him know that there are success stories on how treatment can finally work as it is now doing for my husband 11 months later. It may give him hope!

Blessings to all of you,


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I find it hard to accept that some people want to not fight down to each and every fiber of being. An individual not only has the right to do so, but also has the right for those who love him or her to be as solidly supportive as possible, accepting the decision. I don't understand it, but I support the right to do so.


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