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I am putting this in the General Section right now so it won't be missed!!

I am taking it upon myself to extend an invitation to visit the Grand Opening of Kasey and Freds Pub this weekend.

I figured I can do this since I found out I have posted over 5000 posts. So I have rank, ha!

Since this will be the grand opening, we all have to bring something.

I will bring a couple of hot male strippers and one dollar bills, don't forget yours ladies :mrgreen:

I also want my seat back in the corner with a kettleRun extra dry Vodka martini with extra olives!!

What are you going to bring!!

Maryanne :mrgreen:

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Can we have a party, I make the big 60 on Saturday, and considering that I have to work this weekend, drinks on line may be the only party I can go to and not have a hangover at work!

I plan to go and buy some lime green or strawberry hair dye today and plan to wear my shirt I bought at Curves that says "I love my Curves" on the front.

Donna G

PS: 10 years ago I never thought I would make 51!

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I still love my little sissy drinks especially in the summer when it is so hot. So I will bring lots and lots of pre-mix, bagged or bottled, slushy, icy, and cool Pina Colada's, Strawberry Daquiris, and Margarita's. I may have steal one of Katie's good Bloody Marys if the bar opens before noon.

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Boy with all the sad news , continuous news- no TV shows, here in Minnesota , it has popped my birthday balloon.

It is difficult to believe such a busy, huge bridge on 35W spanning the Mississippi River just folded with the evening traffic driving across.

There are some imazing stories of survival also. Imagine 60 children in a bus on the very edge of falling into the river, all safe!

Donna G

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