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Baby Shots All Over Again


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I thought I would post this as I have NEVER heard this before recently...

My nephew was staying with my folks for a few weeks, and about a month prior to coming, he had had a chicken pox shot (he's 12...go figure)...anyway, he broke out shortly after arriving to my parents, and when they checked with the doc, there is a 1 in something chance that you will get a "mild" case of the pox from the shot...

So....mom called the onc just to be sure that dad didn't need to worry about anything, and she said, that having chemo would have basically wiped the immunities clean from dad's system, and that he should probably make appointments to get all his baby shots again.

Have you ever heard of this?! How interesting...so...we keep teasing him that he and my daughter are really on the same schedule...(she was just a newborn when dad was diagnosed, and since she was an early bird, she had to live in a bubble...much like Dad did during his down time from chemo!)



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