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not LC, but heavy grief 7/31 update


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sorry for posting it here, since it doesn't involve LC, but the grief is heavy.

We lost our Jake dog yesterday morning. He was 13, diabetic, and blinded by cateracts, but he still greeted us with a wag in his tail.

We rushed him to the vet yesterday morning with labored breathing and inability to stand, and the dear boy took his last breath with both of us there. We are so grateful that he went on his own terms.

I think of all of you grieving over deaths of your loved ones (people).


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I'm very sorry for your loss. There was a long posting a few months ago about pets, and I think a lot of people here can sympathize. We lost our 19 year old cat a few years ago, and I still miss her. Our Mrs. Dickens has literally been an angel to us through this cancer nightmare, and I can't imagine not having her here with me now. They're family.

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Don't apologize. I lost my sweet kitten Miss Belle last December and still grieve her loss. Even though there is now a new cat in the house, it is still not Miss Belle and I shall miss her forever.

Each living creature that we love and that loves us in return, whether human or not, feeds a special place in our souls. When they leave us that part of our soul always misses that love. And even as we continue to love others, no other living being can touch that one special place.



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You guys are all so sweet. Those of you who have lost your loved ones, I cannot imagine what your day to day is like.

I had my dog for 13 years and know how very lucky my family was. today is my first day home without the dear pooch, and I cannot believe the feelings I am having.

(I have managed some housework though)

I made a sandwich for lunch and pretended he was there next to me, waiting for his treat. And I found myself saving my crusts for him.

I know this will pass, this will pass, this will pass.

On the good side, I had my two 13 year old nieces with me yesterday--they helped me in my classroom. the one niece lost her grandmother suddenly a year ago and I was able to spend some alone time with her. she doesn't realize what a treasure she was to me yesterday. I had bought a 20 pound bag of dogfood Saturday night, and never even opened it. the girls both put their arms around my shoulders as we walked into the store to return it.

:lol: We ate a lot of junk food yesterdy :lol:

Our line was "Jake died, lets have ice cream"

It made me laugh.

thanks guys again for allowing me to share here. My parents will both be 80 next year and I know what may come.


PS found a very sweet website on pets passing . . . talked about them being in a "holding area" free of pain, happy and carefree, but knowing they are waiting for us. When we get to heaven, the pet will be there to greet us and together we will enter heaven.

I liked that

Love you guys

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