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All gased up. --A little naughty


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A little girl asked her mom if she could take the dog for a walk. The mother said no because the dog was in heat. When she asked what that meant the mother told her to go ask her daddy.

Her daddy was working out in the garage when she approached him to ask if she could walk the dog. She said " Mama said no because she is in heat and she said you would tell me what that means".

Not sure what excuse to make and too imbarrased to try to explain to his little daughter the father came up with a bright idea. He grabbed a grease rag and poured a little gasoline on it then rubbed it all over the dog's backside. He said " alright now you can take her for a walk but whatever you do don't turn loose of the leash and just go around the block one time and come home".

She left with the dog and the dad continued his work. About 20 minutes later the little girl comes back without the dog. When he saw he was very upset and asked her where the dog was and reminded her that she was not supposed to let her go. She said " Don't worry Daddy she is alright. About half way around the block she ran out of gas and another dog is pushing her home." :lol:

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